Quality of the highest standard

Why us

  1. Experience

    We began to produce wooden windows in 1974.

  2. Quality

    Especially great attention is paid to requirements of the highest quality.

  3. Flexibility

    Having a longtime experience and a qualified collective we can produce according to the individual request of the clients or produce replicas of the windows and doors.

  4. Europe

    All the materials are ordered from suppliers in Europe.

Our production is appreciated not only in Lithuania. About 85 % of production goes to Great Britain and the rest are sold out in Lithuania and other European countries. Exceptional german ‘Michael Weinig AG’ and ‘Leitz GmbH Co’ are used for the production of windows and doors which allows us to prepare a precise surface of timber and to produce wooden windows and doors even for especially fastidious clients. Particularly great attention is paid to the quality, tightness and stability of the products and the used materials. The following products are offered to the clients:




Timber is one of the best building materials because of its ecology and other characteristics. This is one of several renewable resources which is important for our lives. Timber is very suitable for making doors and windows of all types. It is warm, nice-looking and has good acoustic qualities and the palette of its colours is wide enough. We offer to choose softwood timber (redwood) or hardwood (mahagony or oak).


Water-based paint without any damage for people and environment is used in the manufacturing process. Such paint covers the timber well and protects it from the negative outer impact.

For the finishing we use company TEKNOS™ impregnating, priming, intermediate coat and topcoat systems. We can offer a wide selection of colours and varnish. This helps to have a desirable colour and to save the beauty of timber. The products can be painted using any colour from the RAL or NCS palette and ʻFarrow & Ballʼ colour box. If you want to keep the beauty of the timber texture you may choose different tints of the varnish. Our client can choose dual or even triple color finish. Our products can be painted according to the individual need.


We can offer such options of window and door glazing which meet the expectations of the clients. ʻSaint Gobainʼ glass is used in the production. We offer double-glazed units of several kinds of thickness and it depends on the chosen product profile. All Standard double-glazed units have a warm TGI frame between the pieces of glass.

While changing the old-time windows in the objects of heritage we can offer to our clients not only single glazed 4mm or 6mm glass but slime-lite 12mm units as well. These options of glass are used most often:


We co-operate with many suppliers and manufacturers of furniture in Europe. We offer a wide selection of the furniture products.

Fittings and hardware of doors and windows are provided by such companies as: Pickard Hardware, SDS London, Samuel Heath, Reddiseals, Mighton, Mila, Era, Kenrick, Legnoline, Roto Frank, G-U, Fuhr, Brio and Centor.


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