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    Long-standing experience gained and a qualified team gathered allows us to manufacture products according to the individual needs of a client or to replicate and manufacture c

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    All materials are ordered from European-based suppliers.

Frequently asked questions about wooden windows

First of all, wood is one of the oldest building materials that has been successfully used in the area of construction, production of fuel and other fields of industry. It is a renewable and environmentally friendly resource. The variety of types and textures of wood as well as finishing materials provide unparalleled elegance and warmth to the home and contribute to the creation of cosiness. Wooden windows have long been valued for their excellent sound and thermal insulation, are characterised by exclusiveness and tightness and also help to create a comfortable micro-climate at home.

Advanced production of windows allows to choose windows of any forms, colours and textures adapted to specific architectural solutions. Durability is yet another important characteristic of wooden windows as, unlike plastic, wood does not break easily, and it is true to say that wooden windows will be used by generations. If you are looking for quality, exclusiveness and cosiness, wooden windows will definitely be a reasonable investment.

Wood is characterised by especially good processing characteristics. It can be cut, dried, impregnated, planed, glued, stained, painted, varnished and processed in many other ways. Wood is available in many types and each is characterised be specific density, hardness and texture. A pine of harder composition, hardwood, oak or mahogany are usually used in the production of windows. Since wood is a natural material, it breathes and reacts to ambient conditions: temperature and moisture. It leads to the natural bends in the texture of wood that are quite inconvenient for the producers of windows. In order to avoid that, we use glued beam wood that protects the production from any possible deformation.

Wooden windows are usually made of standard dimensions or according to individual orders. Double and triple-glazed units can be used in the production to ensure security and protection against noise. The majority of producers of wooden windows can manufacture windows with one, two and more window frames that meet the type and characteristics of a building. Clients can also choose windows according to the style of home being designed.

Design of wooden windows can be easily adapted to everyone’s taste. Knowing the type of product and the method of opening, the colours can be chosen from RAL and NSC palettes. In order to preserve the texture and exclusiveness of wood, we offer to choose the varnish of desired colours. However, design works do not stop at the selection of colour. It is important to choose glazing units, decorative glass elements (colour stained glass, figured glass are among those usually offered). It is also important to match the colour and shape of a handle. Carefully and tastefully selected design of windows will not only allow the creation of unparalleled space, but will also become the main accent of your home. If you do not know, what type of windows will be best for your environment, our qualified specialists will be more than happy to assist you when making the right decision.

AB Stalių gaminiai are the specialists of wooden windows and doors that have been operating on the market and meeting the exclusive needs of our partners and clients since 1974. A particular focus is given to each project and order and we seek to create an environment characterised by exclusive cosiness to various spaces. Decades of production experience gathered is conveyed through modern technologies and a qualified team of committed specialists.

Constant improvement of production technologies allows us to offer a wide range of products that meet the needs of both standard and individual window production. We produce windows and doors that meet high quality standards in and outside Lithuania, therefore, we have a good understanding of how to meet different expectations of our clients. We hope our solutions will become your new standard and will let you to meet each day with a smile!

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