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We are the producers of wooden windows and doors trying to combine the experience and traditions from previous decades with modern solutions and technologies. First of all we can do that because of the team people, qualified and devoted for their work which create and make the production – windows and doors – of high quality and which is presented to our clients in Lithuania and other European countries. Flexible methods of producing, constant interest in the newest technologies gives us a chance to create a wide assortment of products: that is not only standard windows and doors of various sizes and forms but the most complicated replicas of windows and doors as well or just not standard production. Our history started even in 1974, when the first factory of wooden windows and doors was opened in Alytus. At that time using Austrian ‘Zukermann’ technologies great numbers of standard wooden windows were produced. There was not a big variety of the windows but already then they had a very good insulation of warmth and sound. In 1991 the first wooden windows with double glass units were produced namely in our factory. It was a real revolution in producing windows in our country. After three years in 1994 the factory became a joint-stock Company ‘Staliu gaminiai’. Though we changed the name of the company we stayed true to our philosophy: to change, improve and meet the needs of our the most demanding partners and clients!

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