SASH Windows

Vertically sliding SASH windows

Vertically sliding sash windows are made of some types:

  • more modern sash windows with balance mechanism

  • traditional box sash windows with weights

  • easy clean super tilt sash windows.

Sash windows that we produce can venetian style, bespoke sash windows or herritage sash windows. Our sash windows can be installed into traditional houses, the houses that are being restored or renewed. The replicas of the windows for the listed objects can also be made.

SASH windows are made from redwood or mahagony and oak. We offer to choose the paint from a wide RAL and NCS colour palette or to make the equivalents according to the ʻFarrow & Ballʼ colours. If you wish to keep the nice texture of the timber we offer you to choose the varnish finish. Manufactured windows can be painted using one, two or three colours. The windows can be painted using a brush if the client wishes.

The sash windows for heritage objects can be made using single 4mm, 6mm glass or slime -lite 12mm units.

Additionally for sash windows we offer to choose trickle vents, the different types of astragal bars , there are wide form selection of the horns and architraves, ironmangery design and colors.


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